June Vibes

Happy Monday and Happy June (4 days late)!
I am kind of excited to not have many events or travel planned for June, for one reason…


May, although fun, had several moments where I let my fears, anxieties, worries and emotions get the best of me. I have seen this slowly coming about, each event that happened that was something I didn’t want to happen or thought shouldn’t would take a large emotional toll. This was weird for me, I have always been pretty good at looking at life and saying “eh, it happens.”

The past couple months, when I’ve had something happen or a negative thought creep in to my mind it would just sit there like it got stuck. I would think about it and worry about it and it ended up consuming my days, and taking my happiness away at points. I also have a habit  of focusing on planning for the long term and obsessed over making sure that things would happen. Every little failure for some reason in my mind would have a massive impact on the future and I would begin also feeling lost.

I decided I needed to go on a little journey, but needed a couple of tour guides. This is when I decided to invest in and research some great minds that could help me on this journey. I discovered books, podcasts, YouTube videos and have been trying to soak as much of their words in. But I did nothing but writing a couple things down, therefor my mind and attitude did nothing to change.

Today, that changed. After the weekend of feeling bummed out about things not going the way I wanted, I thought this is not how I want to react to negative things or stresses. I have had podcasts on repeat and my journal out.

Below are two very inspirational people who I have picked to be my “tour guides” on this journey.

Take a peek at these podcasts, maybe they just what you were looking for 🙂

Lori Harder

I discovered Lori Harder while watching Tedx Talks, she is awesome and makes you want to live your best life.


Lewis Howes- this guy is so inspirational and gets you pumped up for creating good habits and being great . His podcast also has some amazing guests.


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