Monday Motivation

Happy Monday Friends!

Boy, did last week fly bye, I apologize for not posting! I’ll get ya’ll up to date 😉

My sweet little nephew graduated from Kindergarten and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. We had a great time and family lunch after. As you can see, the little brother approved of his big bro’s moving on up.



And made these (dare I say) bomb healthy chicken burgers. Recipe coming soon 🙂


Most of my other time outside of work has been spent working on my mindset and building my positive habits. I wrote about this in my first few posts in June and this is an adventure, but I love adventures. They are uplifting and fun but can also be a little uncertain and they may not always be easy. I know we are all on our own life adventures/journeys so I thought how about some Monday Motivation…

I’d like to think of this as it as a mountain hike. You start off energized and ready to go, but sometime halfway up the mountain when you’re slipping on rock or have some steep edges you have to walk around, it may be difficult and you may have a moment. But then you get to the top… And you remember why you did all that climbing. What I think is important to remember is that in that moment of anxiety while climbing, remember what you’ll see when you get to the top. INVISION the beauty you’ll see and feel.


And here’ some more motivation from my pro motivators:

I regularly listen to Lori Harder and Lewis Howes. Today, I listened to their podcasts with guest Andy Frisella, who provided a ton of inspiration and things to think about! He talks about your perspective and how it effects your life, the law of attraction and getting rid of negativity (and negative people). I highly suggest taking a listen. 

And because it is Monday and we all may just want to relax or have a glass of wine, here’s my workout of the day for you.



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