Sneak Peeks and Odds & Ends

Over the past week, I’ve been working hard on my 30 days till 30 bucket bucket list!

I have to admit, I am writing this with a heavy heart as I suddenly & unexpectedly lost my uncle this week.


I took a day or two, buried myself in work, long runs (with pretty views) & nephew kisses and then realized that my dad now has his brother with him & they’re probably golfing everyday on some pretty sweet Heavenly course.

My new neighborhood has some fab views!
My new neighborhood has some fab views!


such a boy...
such a boy…
but a cute one
but a cute one

Thinking this way changed my mind set & outlook on everything. So I continued on, I’ve got my paddle boarding date set, zip lining waivers are signed for Sunday and my hair is already different! But since a haircut is pretty…well not exciting, I’ll be posting that along with another goal reached. For now, here are some pictures that give you a little glimpse of what’s to come…

Signed my life away.
Signed my life away.
pre-cut, can't ya tell ;)
pre-cut, can’t ya tell 😉

And just because I almost got sprayed by a skunk to catch a glimpse of the Supermoon last night, I’m throwing in my crappy photo of it! Enjoy!


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