Zipping down a Mountain

Welp, I zip-lined and survived! Got to cross one of the biggies off the 30 days till 30 bucket list on Tuesday and I already want to do it again!

Our (my good friend Delaney was brave enough to come with) trip started out with some coffees & girl chat and ended with us flying down  the side of a mountain at 60 mph. Not your typical girl’s day out.


photo 1 (2)
might just be our last picture ever…on the ground…nice & safe 😉
photo 4
Scenic ski lift ride up the mountain
photo 1
Pretending I’m not absolutely terrified of being this high off the ground.
photo 5
One of the mountain top views
Getting ready to do the longest zipline of the tour.
Ready to do this!
photo 1 (10)
Another shot of the awesome views
photo (6)
And we’re back on the ground!

The zip line tour was an absolute blast, Gunstock Mountain Ski Resort has an amazing set up and some great people working the tour. They teach you what to do on the ground and you practice on two little lines before sending you up the mountain. Once at the top, there is three different ziplines you take to get down to the bottom again. I highly recommend this resort if you’re from the New England area or visiting, you wont be disappointed!

A little less exciting, but still on my bucket list: a new hair style. Bam…cross it off. Pardon, the selfies. 😉

photo (5)
Semi Chopped. Layered. Colored.

I’ve got so much more to do, but I am enjoying every second of trying to complete the list.

Here’s what’s left on my 30 days till 3o bucket list:

  1. Go paddle boarding – because nothing says fun more than using all your ab muscles to balance on a board while using your arms to move yourself & said board through fish and shark infested water, right? Ha, just kidding, although I have absolutely no upper body strength, I’ve wanted to do this forever, so well, I’m doing it.
  2. Make a T-shirt quilt – make a quilt…I know, I know I’m turning 30, not 65.
  3. Be the only person on an island…I will figure this one out, don’t you worry.
  4. Watch a sunrise…and not be half dead on a redeye flight, squinting out a JetBlue window, I want to truly enjoy it.
  5. Start Blogging again…I love it, I need to do it.
  6. Get a new hairstyle…I know, not crazy, but I’ve legit dealt with this mop being the same style for a couple years. Time for a change. Also, for us ladies, this could be detrimental…bad bangs, uneven layers, the wrong color…all worth being a bucket list event, especially with a 30th birthday party right around the corner.
  7. Go zip-lining…Absolutely terrified of heights, so this promises to be comical.
  8. Go to Vermont…The one New England state I’ve yet to visit, I probably should check it out.
  9. Drink at an ice bar…I’ve heard Iceland has the best, but since this list is time & budget constricted…the one in Boston will do just fine.
  10. Raise at least $550 for the Light the Night walk…walking for my dad again this year, would’ve been his 55th birthday this month, so in honor of that, I,d like to try to raise 550 dollars before the end of the month.
  11. Go to a movie night in a park…just think MATTHEW MCONAUGHEY in The Wedding Planner. I’ll bring the M &M’s.

4 thoughts on “Zipping down a Mountain

  1. Awesome zip lining pics, Court! I am so jealous! That looked like so much fun! I will be happy to help you cross some more things off your bucket list with you!!! I hear there’s a great ice bar DTL 😂👍

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