Stranger Things Thoughts

This may be a bit delayed, but let’s just say I gave all you non-bingers time to watch the 9 episodes of Stranger Things 2.

I binged with the help of this mug full of coffee

And what a 9 episodes it was, am I right? Every episode made me feel the feels, halfway wish I was in 1984, ask myself what the heck am I actually watching and wonder how can I get the Duffers to write in me in as the future Mrs. Hopper.

Here are the top 9 things that I thought during Stranger Things 2…

  • Chief Hopper in dad mode…I like it, marry meimg_2749


  • What exactly is this thing and why does it kinda remind me of War of the Worlds



  • This 008 chick..not a fan


  • Nancy and her bullshit speech, the most un-bullshit moment



  • But Steve…dontcha worry, you are loved and that hair…better than ever


  • Why do we even bother with superheros when we have Eleven


  • I spy a mullet, but this dude sucks…I’m intrigued


  • My neighborhood gang and I rode bikes and dressed bad but we’re never this cool on Halloween…






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