Traffic Schmraffic

Let me take a minute and talk about what has affectionately known as Snowmageddon.

Over the past month, Massachusetts has been pounded with weekly snowstorms, each dropping a foot or more of snow. It’s been a little overwhelming to say the least.

The worst part for me, has been traffic.

now, see this looks peaceful

My 20 minute commute has turned into a 2 hour morning drive and an hour in the evening.  The day after I cried (yeah I said cried, don’t judge) sitting in the same spot for 45 minutes one morning I decided I needed to change my outlook on what could be a hideous commute till Spring.

With this new winter doesn’t suck that much does it outlook, I came up with 10 things to do besides rip your hair out in traffic. So here goes it…

  • Paint your nails. Duh IMG_1220
  • Clean your car. You’ll be staring at that dust for the next couple hours, might as well do something about it.  IMG_1191
  • Flirt with the sexpot next to you. IMG_1201
  • Read Game of Thrones. Every.Single.Page IMG_1200-0 I mean really the only Snow I’m ok with is Jon.IMG_1136
  • Play  games like… is that a snow pile or a buried car?  IMG_0908
  • Snapchat the hell out of everyone.
  • Check instagram, facebook, twitter. Repeat every 5 minutes.
  • Just bring your pot of coffee with you. You’ll have more time to drink it in your car than you did at home. Enjoy. IMG_1247
  • Pick off your nail polish. Yes, I know you just did them.IMG_1199
  • Look for those odds and ends in home furnishings or gift at the next baby shower you attend. IMG_0911IMG_0935

So there you go post snowmageddon Bostonians and traffic sufferers everywhere, my list of things to do in traffic. Seriously and not Seriously.

Now go, get to it,  you’ve got traffic to sit in.


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