My horoscope made me do it.

Let me start off by saying I haven’t had a fab Monday like this in a long while. I usually like to start the work week off with a positive attitude, but that became a struggle when the winter blues crept their dirty little way into my life. You know you’ve got em’ bad, when your pajamas become your Friday night (and Saturday night) attire because your jeans don’t fit from all that snowstorm snacking and boozing. And venturing outside actually seems like an adventure…one you don’t want to go on.


Well, the jeans fit again (thank you very much) and this little thaw out has put my mood at a soon to be spring high!

But… those two things are not the only reason I’m way too excited for a Monday. I have a big ole announcement, that I’m thrilled and terrified to share with you all!

A little backstory first( ha sorry, that’s kind of like an “after this commercial break”):


I started today, grabbing coffee at the coffee shop I go to every morning. They post the daily horoscope on the counter and I have NEVER ever read mine off of it. Horoscopes just don’t do it for me, I never thought much of them or found them to ever come to fruition if I happened to glance at it.  That has changed. I glanced at Saturday’s told me “blessings will wash over me”. I laughed. Well I had been talking to friends about trying to re-connect with someone from my  past who I had been thinking about. Saturday night, Social media told me to rethink my thoughts.  Blessing? UM HELL YES!


Horoscope believer Courtney? Nah. Hmmm.Perhaps. Maybe.

This morning I decided to read it again while waiting for my coffee.

Read Virgo



Well, I guess I have to tell you, come June 21st, I will officially be a small business owner. I have been secretly working for months on a Jewelry line. Not any kind of jewelry line but a line that inspires, shines and reminds you to always look up & keep going all while looking lovely in layers of gemstones, recycled metals and gold. I have finally began to talk with people about the line and the reception has been amazing! It is making the hard work and late nights all worth it. I can’t imagine what it will be like seeing people in my jewels!   Now,  I don’t want to give too much away but I can’t wait to share the journey with you. Stay tuned for updates as the next few months will be a whirlwind of hustle and style.

Snapchat break while logo creating.


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