Let’s make a Date*

It’s Wednesday the 11th which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve been waiting a year to share with you the gift I made & gave last year. I was going to say it’s my favorite gift to give but that sounds weird & I’ve only given it once. I was inspired on Pinterest to create this little year of dates gift.


The way you can tailor this gift to make it special is what I love about it. Make it specific to the interests of your S.O. or think outside the box and go for things you both have never done before.*

Even the packaging is up to you! I may have went overboard in heart stickers, pinks and reds but I wanted this gift to be special and unique.


Since you can basically do whatever you want with this gift and spend as little or a much as like, there are no instructions! A plus for both of us! However I will throw out a few of the date ideas I included.


  • gift certificate to driving range
  • Red Sox tickets
  • a back to where it began date
  • a breakfast in bed date…menu included
  • a desert only date
  • picnic date…included was a map on where to find me

And there you have it, a crafty, thoughtful gift to give!**

*Warning: Just because you spend the time creating this very thoughtful gift does not actually mean you will go on any of these dates or have the relationship last the full year.

Keep vodka, wine or beer on hand in case. 

**If the first * happens, it is perfectly acceptable to grab your beautifully created box and run. Share those dates with someone else ladies!  

photo via fuckjerry




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