Keep the Kids in Selfies

You listening Kim K?!? Lesson number two in the Auntcylopedia: Keep the kids in the Selfies errrrr…Chilfies? Kidelfies? Usies? Groupies?!? I don’t care what ya’ll call them, I’m sticking with selfies. I may live with kids and be secure enough in my lady-hood to say things like potty, answer toy phones and eat plastic food (acting skills … Continue reading Keep the Kids in Selfies

The Thankful Tree

As an aunt and early childhood educator, children's crafts & lessons are a big part of my weekly planning. There is nothing better than holiday crafts, especially meaningful ones like this Thankful tree I have been working on with the kiddos. Each day we sit down and talk about one thing we are thankful for. … Continue reading The Thankful Tree