Fam, Fun and A Weekend Away

Hey Y’all!

Gosh, I know it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, I just got so busy and in honesty would fall asleep each time I came on here to post. Sitting up. Laptop on lap. Appropriately as my birthday approaches, I will be the first to admit that I am one old cat lady on the inside. I don’t hate it.

Speaking of birthdays, we just celebrated my Dad’s birthday on the 19th. He would have been 61 years old! His birthday is always one of those days were you smile and remember all the moments. It is also one of those days that you feel sadness you can’t call or celebrate in person.  I think of his 50th birthday every year, my step-mom had planned a big party and I flew down to Florida to surprise him. It was the last time I was able to celebrate a birthday with him in person, and it proved to be the best. Happy Birthday Dad!


Anywho, I wanted to hop on and post a little recap of what I have been up to while MIA on the blog. It has been a really fun, busy couple of weeks. Including lots of dog sitting, babysitting, working from home with the nephews and a quick trip to the lake region of New Hampshire. I have yet to start any packing or prepping for heading South, but I tend to work better under pressure anyways. 🙂

At the beginning of the summer I bought a projector, and finally got to have a couple of movie nights with my nephews. I literally could watch a movie out here every night, it’s so cozy. I skipped out on spending big money on a screen, but I enjoy the boho feel of this…

Speaking of nephews, I had my first sleepover with the youngest, Noah. We survived! This little munchkin has such a personality and of course I (semi) let him do whatever…roll around in chalk, sure. Get oreo cookie wasted, sure. Make a mess, sure. Watch endless amounts of airplanes pass by, sure. Be goofy, of course!  Isn’t this what Aunts are for?


Just a quick shout out to some special people…all you working Moms (and Dads), esp now working from home…you all rock. My nephews were so well behaved for me while I was watching them and still working, but even still I can’t imagine it being a 24/7 thing.

Lastly, a little trip to NH that proved to be an absolute much needed weekend of fun. It was so relaxing and fun to be out on Lake Winnipesaukee with no worries! It was hard getting in work mode Monday. 😉

Our float needed its own tow.


Now…time to pack.

Love y’all,


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