A Peachy Little Update

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”— Mark Twain

Isn’t that the truth. The meaning behind that quote is the exact reason I feel like I try to give my all to life. I can live with the “I gave it my all” more so than I could “what if”.  In my opinion, a bunch of what ifs lead to regret, that lead to that very moment in that quote in 20 years when your disappointed you didn’t do what you wanted or at the very least gave it a try. I’ve never been one for regret. 

Just Go For it! – My heart, always. 

With that said I have decided to embrace the unknown and hit the road! I will be spending September (perhaps longer, just going to go with the flow here) in Georgia!  I am so dang excited to explore new places, meet new people and of course work on my southern belle-ness. I also really can not wait to share this adventure with you! 

Back in April I had started thinking about just heading down to Tennessee (a place I’ve thought about moving) for the summer since I would be working from home. Of course, fear of the unknown took over and I decided to stay put. I was going back and forth on wanting to buy a house I had found in a neighboring state that was in my price range or taking off for the south for a few months. My little dreams just died out on their own because of my admitted inability to make a move. 

But, it was on my heart to move and experience something or someplace new. I was randomly looking and “searching this area” on the Airbnb map which started in TN, took a turn to Alabama then north a little to South Carolina then bam, Georgia.  I started to fall in love with every place there. So I decided to take the leap. I am beyond excited to become (if they’ll have me) an adopted Georgia Peach. 🙂 

While on the topic of good ole change…I am no longer a full brunette. Just give me all the change, I guess. 😉 

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