The Less Traveled Path

Good Morning! Or I should say good almost afternoon by the time I get this edited and posted!

I go to these trails very often and have been going for years. Friday night, I decided to take a path I had never even seen before, it next to this man made bridge that is over a teeny tiny waterfall. I took a look down aways to see if it was an actual path and it ran right along with a little stream. So I went for it. I turned off my music and just listened to the trickling of the water (one of the most peaceful sounds in my opinion).

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As I kept walking the path wasn’t as clear as it was, it was getting later and I was having flashbacks of this time my two friends and I went on trails and had trouble finding our way out. I started to think whoops, this may be my fate this time as well. I almost turned around but I figured if I kept going it has to come out to one of the other main pathways. As I continued to walk, I started hearing this noise I have never heard before, I thought what the heck kind of bird is making that sound. As I continued to walk I saw these two things sitting on a tree, I got closer and realized they were owls! They were also responsible for that noise I was hearing. They don’t just hoot y’all! I was in awe, I have never seen owls unless visiting the zoo. As I stood there watching and listening another owl came swooping in and sat in the middle branch between the other two. I honestly geeked out over this, and loved finder a deeper connection then just listening to my playlist while running through the woods.


I stayed there a while in awe, watching how they interacted and moved. It was so cool. I did wonder “do owls attack humans” haha and later googled it.  Remember y’all I’m a city girl by birth lol.

I mean, look at that face…”I’m gonna get you face” perhaps

As I continued on my walk I thought about the path I had just taken and that it lead me to by far the coolest thing I’ve seen while wandering about. I thought how this physical experience correlates so wonderfully with life.

Your main path seems wonderfully paved and focused. But life is life, sometimes someone or something pushes you off course and you may fall along a path full of bumps, rocks or my personal favorite exposed tree roots (they get me every time). This path seems long and broken and it’s a struggle to get through. Whether we like it not we are meant to be on this path. The beauty of it though, is one day you will realize why you were on it, maybe not for months, years or decades but one day it’ll happen. The path also doesn’t last forever and that is another beautiful thing.

The other kind of path less traveled we may find ourselves on is the one we choose. This like the physical path I chose to take Friday night makes you feel a bit uncertain, uncomfortable but you can find amazing things along the way. These things I believe make life interesting and fulfilled. Yes, you may get scared or you may get lost but the journey is beautiful and so is the destination. And you can be proud of yourself for choosing a path that may have not been the norm, may have been given the side eye from others, may have been scary, may have been bumpy enough to cause you to fall along the way…but you made it. And you’re making it every day!

Do you really learn anything while on that paved, safe path anyways? Life is made on the paths less travelled whether you chose them or were pushed toward them. You trip and fall, you pick yourself up. You meet fellow curious path takers you never would have. You experience things you never thought possible. You don’t settle for less than… you choose more & grow.

Annnnd thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 😉 Have a happy Sunday…stay in your jammies, get dressed up, be lazy, be active…do your thang, I just hope you all enjoy your day.

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