Today’s Mood Boosting Morning Routine

Good Morning!

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I started this beautiful Friday morning a little earlier than normal. I was wide awake at 5:26am, ahhh lol yes I said 5:26 am. That was the old time I would have to wake up for work, but I for sure have not been up that early since March. Honestly, my mind was on active mode and laying there thinking was putting me into a weird mood. FYI…5:26 am is way too early to be in any mood at all. I just decided to get out of bed. I believe there are times when sitting with your feelings is helpful, and sometimes I think focusing on something else is also beneficial. What I’ve become very aware of is that working out (or getting active) and expressing gratitude are two of the biggest things that can change a mood. So I got out of bed into my workout gear and did today’s workout. I knew too that it was my least favorite workout of the week…core day…so it was nice to get it over with. The lead trainer does have an Australian accent so all is good in the world. I’ll forgive the incredibly challenging workout.

The second thing I really wanted to do today was get to writing out cards. Nothing makes me happier than trying to put a smile on someone’s face. Part of my morning today combined expressing thanks with the hope that maybe it will put a smile on a couple of people’s faces.

I recently spoke with a stepmom of a police officer who is going through a lot. She expressed the need for prayer and if possible to show support to officers. This made so much sense to me, I know when I am down I’d want a reminder that I am not alone. Feeling underappreciated, hated, alone are feelings that any of us in any situation can feel. These men & women are no different than us.  So, I purchased boxes of cards, looked up the addresses of several precincts in several different cities and this morning got to writing. My hope is that some of the officers receive these and are reminded that I am thankful for what they do. And if I am lucky…it makes them smile.

I am opening this up to you all as well. If you have an officer or a group you would like me to send one to please feel free to send me an email at I would be honored to write them!



Have A Happy Weekend!



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