Coffee Chat: A Few Dating Thoughts

Happy FriYay!


Sooo this post was supposed to go up last week, but you can just say I slacked. I’m not ashamed to admit it 😉 I’ve been kind of busy and focusing on my health and some projects outside of work. And THANKFULLY I have no more fun furlough fridays. I did enjoy them while I could, but dang the hit to the money pocket was felt.

I am so excited, going out tonight in Boston for the first time pre-quarantine. It is opening night at Fenway, so a friend and I are grabbing dinner and watching the game. I’m going to cheer on JD Martinez (my fave) because in all honesty I’m not feelin’ sports this year. Is anyone else with me, or maybe not as enthusiastic about things you may have loved before this wild ride of a year? I do feel like so much has shifted in my thought process, story for another time perhaps

Anyways on to today’s story time..My old coworker (ex-work husband) texted me after 2 weeks of not talking (odd for us we usually talk like every other day or so) and asked…”So have you found love yet?” My response was “Dude…Covid” It made me laugh because Covid has really destroyed the dating world…at least for me and I have not cared one bit. I had gone on one date pre-covid and yeah it felt good getting back out there but I wasn’t like ready to hop on dating apps/sites or anything like that! But it was a nice little start to my new reality.

However with that said, I truly am thankful that I have had to navigate Covid times alone. I believe it kind of gave me this renewed sense of self, allowed me to become comfortable with dealing with the world literally changing by myself. I didn’t have any second income to lean on when my company cut hours but still had all the same bills to pay. The quarantine and even post quarantine world  has given me an awful lot of time to be ok with being alone and how to either use that time for relaxing, or fill it with things to improve my life, my space and most importantly myself.


The same day my coworker texted me, I also had planned on treating myself with a little lunch time Starbucks pick me up. I was driving home and the radio show made me literally laugh out loud. They asked this country music singer (don’t remember who) if he’s going to require proof of a negative covid test when dating. I thought to myself, Heck I’d prefer proof that you’re not gonna end up an a**hole. Idk bout you but that would be a valuable thing to know pre-date.  In reality, I will not be Covid checking and I’m thankful for all the cute masks that have come out, to keep us looking good for rollin’ up to our dates. 😉

Enjoy your weekends y’all!




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