Small Acts, Big Impact

Happy Monday y’all!

So over this last weekend, my happy heart almost burst with some interactions I had. It was pretty neat because of how it was like a full circle..a stranger, a friend and a family member. They all also gave me (without knowing), a little more courage and a little more motivation to do what I believe is right in my heart. To stay the course even though people disagree or it’s the unpopular thing to do in the times we are living in. Ok, anywho story time…a little light needs to be shined on these wonderful people!

graphic by FTD

I reached out to a stranger who’s family is publicly going through something. I told them that they have my full support and that I stand by them. I felt it in my soul I had to make sure they knew that my heart was with them. I didn’t expect any sort of response as I am sure they are overwhelmed with the amount of things going on.  A couple days letter, I received a lovely note thanking me for the kindness. That is meant so much to them that I reached out. That the words I wrote were very much appreciated. They asked for me to keep praying for this one man and his family. Of course I will do so.

A while ago (like years, I just don’t remember how many years ago) I dated this great guy. We stayed friends when we went our separate ways in the wild world of dating.  But recently, I reached out to check on him, he is a police officer and it was during the long nights of rioting in several cities across the nation. The other day we were chatting about police, life and how I was furloughed. I received a venmo notification during the conversation with the title “night out on me”. I started to cry, it was a gesture that was so unexpected and so sweet. I literally blabbed like a blubbering blabber in my Thank You’s to him. This story isn’t about the money. It’s about his selfless act of kindness.

Lastly, my sister and I were talking a couple weeks ago and when she expressed she was having trouble believing in God with how the state of the country/world is. She expressed this same feeling to me after our dad passed away. Both times my heart sank, as a believer in God I wanted (no needed in honesty) my sister to believe as well…I expressed that although God knows everything, he is not sitting up there in Heaven, inciting violence or hate or robbing us of our normalcy with a virus. There is evil at work in some of what is going on these days, I can’t help but see it. But I find my hope in God and I know that He will get us through. Without God and without Hope in Him and the future…what do you have left? Nothing.  She wasn’t having it and I felt rather defeated after a hour or so conversation. Then this weekend while I was standing in an aisle at the grocery store she texted me that she had been thinking alot about our conversation. She said that it is better to have hope and that she has for the past week or so started praying again and praying with my nephews. Told me even my youngest nephew (he is one) gets ready and puts his little hands together when she says “wanna pray”. Again, cried… in the middle of that aisle.  Wishing for the first time that mask covered my whole face.

What I took away from these three interactions is this: Care about each other, and do your best to show it. Let someone know you’re thinking about them. Do what you feel is right in your heart and speak your truth. These three people, even if they didn’t know it or thought their acts were small, made an impact on my heart. 

These three stories were all very different, but they all three had things in common: Listening, caring and being authentic. The first story shows that strangers can care about one another. The second, is how a selfless act of kindness towards a friend could mean more than you think. And finally the third, that God is always working. 🙂 

Be a light to someone this week y’all!



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