A JOY Recap

Happy Wednesday!

Joy! It’s such a small little word but packed with so much power and meaning. It’s a known fact that most of 2020, has not been easy for any of us. We have all had emotions, concerns and most likely worries. I am so thankful for life lessons in late 2019, that got me to open my eyes to the joy all around me. I’m so grateful for seeing that Joy even when life is hard, scary, confusing, all the things. Does choosing Joy and focusing on that mean I am ignoring what is happening. Not at all. Choosing Joy allows for hope and gratefulness. A grateful heart is a happy heart and hope, well hope keeps the future bright.

I decided to share some things the past couple of weeks that have brought me joy. From nature  to just some silly laughs, joy can be found in the smallest of things.

Hanging out with my nephews. ❤ Getting a bit back to normal in my life means getting to see these dudes. I meannnnn…. **heart eyes emoji** I feel like they did more growing during quarantine than they do normally.

Giving back in any way. I feel like the past few months I have just had this overwhelming feeling of needing to help people. Hard, when we’re supposed to be social distancing. So I turned to trying to make peoples days and being a positive space on here. Stay tuned for a post on this topic specifically.

The beach being open again and being able to enjoy a restaurant with a friend. Ya’ll! Ya’ll! I never knew how much I could actually miss dining out…but apparently I missed it a lot. And as always the beach just brings me so much JOY and relaxation.

Luke Zocchi’s instagram cooking videos, I am waiting on his book to come in so I can make even more of his recipes  but these videos are helpful and will make you smile.

I don’t know about you guys, but his vibe is contagious so I of course joined Centr Fit. Which also brings me Joy! I look forward to the workouts every day – I started with a week and a half or so of following programs I wanted to try on the app. And then decided to start a 6 week program, absolutely love it. Side note: Chris Hemsworth aka Thor started this app & Luke Zocchi is his personal trainer.

Then this… oh my word, he makes me laugh with his “stupid laws” TikTok videos. If you need a good laugh, he will provide it. Video is from Officer Eudy’s TikTok account


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