Better Late Than Never

Oh my word, is this week flying by. I meant to have this post up and ready for Tuesday and now it is Thursday….Woah! This was meant to be a little weekend recap…but now it’s an it is almost the weekend weekend recap (insert shoulder shrug emoji)…

I felt like this was the most normal weekend, I had since the first weekend in March. The weather was perfect, and I was able to spend a lot of time outside. On Monday, Memorial day I felt like I reflected more than ever on the sacrifices of the brave men and women of the military. I thought a lot about how they gave their lives for us to be free and how for the past two months I haven’t really felt free. It has been a very different America but I know we will come back. As I always say, the America I know is brave, optimistic and overcomes. I have no doubt this time is no different. I can’t help but think that this bravery, and overcoming is a ripple effect of the bravery of the men and women who fought and also those who continue to fight for us. I can not thank you all enough.

I was soooo excited to get to a restaurant over the weekend. They aren’t open here in MA but in New Hampshire they were allowed to open. My uncle and Aunt both work as waiters so this has been a terrible 2 months for them, so of course I had to go visit and support them as much as I could. I wasn’t even sure if people from Mass could go, I asked haha. The rules differ so much everywhere that I just wanted to cover my bases. But any who, anyone else miss the view of a full table of food you didn’t cook? 😉


I also became a “nooner” over the weekend. Enjoying some High Noons for the first time ever. I guess any drink though would taste delish with this view. Please note that duck is an absolute social distancing pro.

Sunday was for the horses…and it was so fun. I was able to head over to a friend’s farm and visited with the horses there. This gal was my fave, look how happy she was to see me…


It was such a beautiful day as well. I just want to frolic in this perfectly green grass.


I wanted to leave you with a song, that I had on repeat. I felt like it was so appropriate for what we’re going through and goes along with my thoughts of what kind of country we are.



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