Coffee Chat: Happiness On The Rise

Photo by: unknown

When all this began over 2 months ago now, I would begin work with the news on. I wanted to know what was going on, how we were going to fix it and mostly what the future was going to look like. I didn’t think being curious or listening to “experts” talk was nothing but searching for some knowledge in a place we had never been before. I still carried on my day, happy, healthy and focused on living in the present.

One day in early April, I was into my normal routine of coffee, signing on to work and getting the headlines. The morning show was going to have Mark Cuban on, so I decided to keep it on to see what he was going to say about sports and businesses. I don’t remember what he said at all at this moment, but it sent me into a moment of panic. My chest tightened so much it hurt. I felt this wave of worry rush over me like a tidal wave I completely didn’t see coming. I spent the rest of the day feeling sick almost, like my body hurt and my mood was.. well, BLAH. When I look back on this one moment (and dontcha worry Mark, no grudges here ;)) I truly believe it was the first time I felt hopeless. At the moment I just didn’t see how we could get out of this.

I bring this up because I gave up on the news for a while, but yesterday I had it on and there was this story about a poll done here in the US. It stated that the amount of Americans worrying has gone down and happiness has gone up. It made my heart happy to hear this, cause I can’t even imagine what some are going through with this pandemic. The poll was actually very interesting and dives deep into the numbers,  you can find the poll results here

From the GALLUP PANEL, 2020:


“Americans’ Emotions During COVID-19 Crisis
Percentages who experienced the following feelings “during a lot of the day yesterday”


Mar 23-Apr 5 Apr 6-26 Apr 27-May 10
% % %
Happiness 67 69 72
Worry 59 53 47

It made me start to think, how dang important hope is. How hope and happiness in my mind go hand in hand. How can one be happy, if they have no hope? I can tell you, it took me a few days to shake that hopeless feeling, I felt uncomfortable and moody.

I feel like with restrictions cautiously being lifted, restaurants, and small businesses in some places opening, hope is returning to a lot of people who may have lost it. Some people are getting back to work, virus numbers are better, the amount of those recovering still high, there is exciting news on treatment fronts, the weather is getting better, you can enjoy a trip to your favorite restaurant in some places, reopening plans are in place, there are chances of some summer activities for kids, state parks are open. All these things that in February we didn’t think of much of, in March and April we lost and now today we are hopeful for.

We still have a long way to go, I know, but for me, being hopeful for the future, being grateful for what I have and finding joy even in the smallest things goes a very long way as well. 🙂



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