The Little Things

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

First off, let me start by saying I have never in my life had more enjoyment watching my birds at bird feeders nor did I ever think I could find enjoyment in watching birds.

I stand at the kitchen window while my coffee is brewing and check on “my” birds, chipmunks and bunny every morning! I literally am those memes you see circulating around social media when it comes to this…

Backyard Bird feeder recap: Cardinals: 4 Blue Jays: 3. Game called in 7th due to squirrel invasion. ^^My face during said squirrel invasion

My Friday (or fun furlough Friday as I like to call it) is no different. I started my day with coffee & birds. Then moved on to puzzles, ya’ll these sticker books are fun and a good way to keep that brain active! The day also included a “I’m interested in this house” drive by, a SUPER surprise ( you may laugh at me for what it is..see next paragraph) and a good ole match of tennis…ME vs. Wall…series tied.

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

It was supposed to be a stormy day all day, but the sun shined all day long! Such a welcome surprise! Another welcome surprise today: MY STARBUCKS OPENED! As soon as I was aware it was open, I hopped in the car and went on over. As I was pulling up to order, I felt all the feels. Silly?!? Maybe. But my word did I miss these people and this place. It also felt like a little ray of normalcy shining brightly. The employee at the window was so full of joy, kindness and happiness that it almost made me cry. It was one of my happiest moments of this quarantine life.

I’ve always thought that I appreciated the little things in life. But this pandemic has really opened my eyes to the small things I was missing and the amount of things that I’m grateful for and haven’t realized.  These teeny tiny things where we can find joy , the awesomeness of time when it is well spent, learning to love being alone and the freedom that comes with that. Today was a day, where all of those things were clear. It was a pure joy day. A little reminder full of not much material things or busyness but a reminder none the less that joy can be found during at any time and anywhere.




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