My Weekend Recap

Hey Everyone! I know I am a day late, but I hope you all had wonderful weekends. And since I meant to post this yesterday and did not…I hope you all had a great start to your weeks as well. I just wanted to share a little weekend recap in pictures.

Processed with VSCO with al3 preset
Broke out what I call the fancy quarantine sweatshirt

From Friday kindness to snow (YES SNOW) on Saturday, Mother’s day Sunday and finally getting a morning coffee outside, it was a wonderful weekend. It also may have been the second to last weekend in full on quarantine life here in MA. Fingers crossed!


I have had to get gas maybe once or twice since February. I went the other day and all the pumps had these hearts with all different sayings about kindness on them. Such a sweet idea, and one that can brighten someone’s day!


Came home to a surprise little care package from my best friend out in California! Made my day, need to have a little spa day! Also can NOT wait to get back to Starbucks…yesterday marked a full 2 months since I have gone to my local Starbs to get a coffee. If you couldn’t tell by my counting the days… Ya’ll I M-I-S-S IT!


Morning May Snow! I think this is a first for me, I never remember it snowing in May. I had to document it.


Purchased these paint by sticker books to add to my free time activities. They are awesome, I can’t believe I have never heard of these before! You can find them here.

Sunday was for the Moms of course. Special shout out to mi madre & my sister!! My Mom was a single mom, my dad was of course still in our lives and a very large part of it. But, dang did my mom rock it as a single mom. Could not have asked for a better life. And now my sister is like the Queen Boy Mom, raising my three sweetpea nephews.


I love a good morning coffee outside in the warm sun. Lucky enough to finally be getting those days. Cheers from my cat lady mug & myself. Also found lots of proof this weekend while going through old photos that in fact was a cat girl before I was a cat lady. Here’s a gem of a throwback on a Tuesday.





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