Coffee, Books, Walks…Oh My

Hey ya’ll! Happy soon to be weekend!

Today is my second “Furlough Friday” or as I like to call it “Fun Furlough FriYay”! And while I am still trying to come up with creative, productive ideas for the day, I do want to make the best of the extra time off.

Today, I woke up nice and early to get to the grocery store as soon as the hours for seniors ended. It’s a rainy, chilly day here so I was thinking the crowds may stay in at least for a bit. It was a successful shopping trip! I also was really craving a Starbucks iced coffee for some strange reason. My normal Starbs is closed but I ventured out to one a little further away….well let me tell ya, the rain did not keep them Starbucks fanatics away! That is for sure! I turned around and settled for Dunks. Iced coffee craving fulfilled. Woot!

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I also wanted to share some things that have been keeping me busy during these rainy quarantine days! Perhaps provide a little inspiration if it’s needed. 🙂

If you are looking for a good book…I am currently reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Such a great book, with so many wonderful thoughts & keys to being the best most wild free you there is. The book is part of a virtual book club I am apart of every Monday at 5pm EST with Julianna Zobrist. She is also an author and her book club meets via her instagram @juliannazobrist. There is a lot of great conversation that goes on in this book club, if you are interested in joining!

The book is also Cat approved…in case you were wondering.

For my walks or hikes recently, I have been listening to Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar cause dang I binged Narcos to fast and stinking miss it. Is that weird?! Anywho, this book is good, written by the two DEA agents who actually took down Escobar and the two agents Narcos is based around. I am 3 plus hours in and it’s been very interesting so far. I will update you once I finish it!



State parks with trails and such are still open around here, so I’ve been trying to go at least once a week to get in some good outside time. Great option if you are able to head out! I also have these “tennis walls” near my house, that allow you to play alone. As soon as I remembered they existed, I had a bag full of tennis balls shipped & bammmm this girl’s game is back 🙂 Tis 2020 right, my most competitive tennis opponent this spring is a wall. Don’t worry I don’t talk to it to get it to talk back.


I also have to admit, I’ve been binging shows. I purchased Disney +, mainly so my nephews could have their own account & watch all their favorite Disney/Pixar/Marvel movies…well ya’ll…who has 25 things in her watch list. THIS CHICK and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it. I’ve trekked the entire Grand Canyon, looked for ancient ruins in the Columbian jungle, followed a herd of elephants without even leaving my couch. I say you win Disney + you win.

I also watched The Mandalorian AND LOVED IT! I don’t even know who I am anymore haha, I’ve not once watched a Star Wars thing…not once, don’t know one stinking thing about it. But idk something about tough guy, bounty hunter Mandalorian also be a good man, saving & carrying around that stinking cute baby Yoda…be still my beating heart. HAHAHA. It actually was really good, I’m sure some stuff went right over my head not being a Star Wars person but I still enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next season!

Hope you all have a fun weekend! I will be back this weekend with some cinco de mayo inspo. Estoy tan emocionada! 🙂



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