Adding Some Sun To A Rainy Monday

Happy Monday!

It’s been a rainy, gloomy Monday here in Massachusetts. I thought no better time to share more pictures of my dear friend the sun and my two favorite things…sunrises & sunsets.

Last month I shared some of my favorite sunsets pictures I took around Boston. Today I’m going to share a mix of sunrises and sunsets I have been blessed enough to during some of my travels.

Sunrise in Praiano, Italy. 
Sunrise on a morning walk, just down the street from my house.
Sunset over Frascati, Italy.
The Sun coming up over the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Travel tip: Get here as the sun rises to avoid crowds.
The sun setting over Rome from Frascati. Watching it through these doors was down right magical.
Another one with Rome off in the distance
I’ll take sandy beaches and pink skies all the time. Photo taken in Old Orchard Beach, ME
Chicago’s Golden Hour is hard to beat, with the reflections off the buildings.
Portland, ME sunset
Our family dog looking ever so magazine-ish. (Maine)
And my nephew working on his surf poses
Sunrise from Beverly Hills!
Sunset From Long Island, NY…I can’t remember exactly where.
Sunsetting over the Colorado River. Taken from the California side, with Arizona just across the River.
AHH friends and sunsets. MY faves. This picture made me laugh, looks like we were practicing on our social distancing skills.

Hope you enjoyed some of the photos and I hope that the thought of sunrises, sunsets bring you comfort and hope that better times are coming!



2 thoughts on “Adding Some Sun To A Rainy Monday

  1. Fantastic pictures. They definitely brighten my day. Monday was awesome here, but this Tuesday morning is grey and gloomy. It is probably going to rain.

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