A Special Birthday Parade

When you can’t all be together to celebrate birthdays…what is the next best thing?! A birthday parade of cars, of course!

I told you guys last week that my youngest nephew turned one and yesterday my middle nephew turned 7!

Of course as any soon to be 7 year old, he has just been wondering why he can’t be with his friends on his birthday. Little did he know, we were going to bring his friends to him in some form or another.

We spread the word via facebook (technology/social coming in clutch these days huh?) and we all gathered in a parking lot near my sister’s home.

I lead the parade so decorated the car with balloons, streamers and a birthday sign that would not stick due to the snow then rain we got throughout the morning. So yes you will see me leading away, driving with no hands holding the sign out my driver side window, def not in any good driving handbook…whoops!

I helped my mom decorate her car and as we were decorating and waiting, cars started pulling in. First a friend & his brother who made the best poster I’ve seen. He loves my nephews so much, it makes my heart fill with joy. Then one car after another after another. People coming from 45 minutes to an hour away. Even My friends, friends of theirs! My family members, my nephew’s classmates, teachers and last but very not least, a police officer who was not only a great addition to the parade, but crucial (aka blocked traffic) to my being a good leader and getting everyone en route in the middle of a city. 🙂

It brought tears to my eyes, seeing how many cars showed up on a rainy day to help my nephew celebrate his birthday in such an odd time we are living through. This may be a teeny moment in the grand scheme of things, but what a moment it was. I am still in awe and overwhelmed with absolute gratitude to everyone who came.


What a day, I had so many people texting me after saying how much fun that they had. Made my heart so happy that we could all get together, even if it was doing nothing more than just driving and yelling happy birthday from afar for a few seconds to make my nephew’s day.

Also, for a complete victory, my sister told me that the birthday boy said it was “my favorite birthday ever!” WOOT WOOT!





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