The Bright Side of a Rainy Monday

Happy Monday! Time for a little coffee (or tea) chat!



This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain falling. It was so peaceful. I laid in bed thinking about how mornings are different now…slower for the time being. I wake up every morning anywhere from 1-2 hours later than I normally would if I was heading to work. And I lay there listening to the outside, with less cars travelling down the road, I can clearly hear the birds chirping or rain falling like today. It’s quite nice, I feel like Cinderella (dreams do come true) just waiting for the little cute clothed mice to come make sure I get up and some sweet singing birds to make my bed once I am.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do hate that it is a global pandemic that makes my mornings different. I do walk around with an thoughtful heart for those suffering, scared or stressed. But it is opening my eyes even wider then past life experiences and how there really is something good (even if as tiny as birds singing) about every day. Maybe it is preparing us for something greater, to be better when this is over. To slow down and look around to what is beautiful in life even when it may be hard to see. Maybe we are all learning lessons, whether we see it or not.

With that said and with a heart and mind trying to always look at the bright side, the past couple days have been the hardest for me during all of this. I knew the weekend would be very different, not celebrating Easter with family and not being able to celebrate my youngest nephew’s first birthday. Then before the weekend was here, I was notified I would be losing one day of work until June 26th. There were a few other things lost (401k matching etc.) in my company’s attempt to not let people go in such a confusing time. At first, not going to lie, I may or may not have broke out into a sweat. I got off what was a very emotional video conference call with leadership and sat there quietly trying to crunch numbers in my head. I looked at my phone to check the time and there it is was, my reminder to myself (my phone background, I’ll include below) “always look on the bright side” I immediately realized I’m lucky that I wasn’t on the chopping block, that I even have a 401k that was being matched and this unmatching will be temporary, that I still can work, that I have to opportunity to collect unemployment for some of those hours I will not be working. I HAVE FRIDAYS OFF!

I looked at the rest of the weekend like that…I already plans to decorate the outside of my sister’s house for him and also leave some Easter goodies from Auntie Easter Bunny. It was a success and also just getting to see them for the first time in over a month made my heart burst.



My sweet little Noah

I think in all of the above paragraphs what I am trying to say is if you can focus on the good, the good gets better when you are grateful and thankful for it. I know it’s very hard to see at times. I believe I wouldn’t be able to see it if I hadn’t been able to hit rock bottom in the fall after what I thought was “my life falling apart”. It wasn’t falling apart, it was being redirected, it was teaching me something, it was preparing me for other things. Ya’ll I know if I was in the same position I was in in let’s say September, I would not be ok right now, I know that. I pray that if this is your rock bottom right now, this no fault of your own pandemic, that you do see the light at the end of the tunnel. That you can find things to be grateful for each and every day. I believe if you do, you’ll feel weights being lifted off your chest.

Then maybe those little Disney princess birds will come wake you up and make your bed…or at least the thought will make you smile.

Some things take insane bravery. But after that

You’ll be free

-M.M Weij




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