April Showers Bring…Netflix Days

Happy April and Happy Monday!

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My quarantine squad… 

I think I actually am actually losing my mind because I thought for sure I posted last week. Lots of actuallys (is that a word?!?!) in that last sentence. But then I remembered that I caved & binged a Netflix show and never actually got on here to post. Quarantine brain, it is totally a thing.

So no it was not Tiger King that I binged. It was Narcos, and yes I know I am like 5 years late on this show, but holy stinkin’ smokes….UNREAL. I’m totally ok with breaking my “no binge rule” for the show. But now with all this free time on my hands I can’t decide if I just want to read some books about the topics of the show or join the stinking DEA. The struggle.

But with all the binge behind me (I’m still working on Narcos Mexico but can’t get into the way I got into the original) and April being a rainy month at times, I decided not better time to share some of my binge-worthy favorites. And you can guess what has moved itself right to the top of the list….


  1. Narcos
  2. Stranger Things
  3. Locke & Key
  4. Hart of Dixie
  5. Good Girls

Amazon Prime:

  1. Jack Ryan
  2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


  1. Game of Thrones
  2. The Outsider


  1. Prodigal Son
  2. A Million Little Things

Hope this gives you some ideas if you’re looking for a good tv show binge!



4 thoughts on “April Showers Bring…Netflix Days

      1. I think I have described it as The Big Chill for my generation…though I am perhaps older than these people. I feel a kind of kinship to all the characters. I wish there had been more John had a plan stuff–but that might have gotten out of hand.

      2. Yes! I agree! The characters are so real and I feel like most of us can relate to each of them in a way or many ways. Such a great show, with so much real life/feelings in it.

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