An Abundance of Good

Good Morning and Happy Spring! 

Found the first flowers blooming in the yard yesterday.

I hope you all are hanging in there, safe and healthy! I know we all have probably been keeping up with news, getting communications from our work, places we like to visit and shop. I feel like we have all heard the phrase “abundance of caution” a million times in the past two weeks. Mine started with a work email  two Fridays ago to inform us that there were several cases of the virus coming out of the company that we share a building with. At one point more than half the cases in my state were actually employees of this company. It did concern me a bit as we share a cafe &  gym which I had been going to 4 days a week. But I didn’t worry, this is very much out of my control just as it is with any illness. I’m so Thankful that I’ve stayed healthy & that everyone in my company has also kept good health. 

Since that day, “abundance of caution” has been something I have heard daily and most days more than once. I believe we do have to be aware, informed and mind the health of ourselves and others. But that abundance of caution isn’t the abundance that I am focused on. 

I am focused on an abundance of prayer for the sick, the families of the ones who passed. Praying for everyone who has good health, to stay in that. Praying for all those with an uncertain future and those who are out of work for a while or lost their jobs.

An abundance of giving – Look for ways to help your community, as easy as ordering take out from the local sandwich shop that is struggling right now.

An abundance of love -I mean ya’ll…you know me I LOVE love

An abundance of gratefulness – Grateful for my health, my family, friends and their health. Grateful to doctors, scientist, nurses and first responders. 

An abundance of technology -to stay connected to those we can’t psychically be around.

An abundance of hope & faith…we will get through this and we will be better because we withered a storm.

An Abundance of togetherness (even though a part) – we are all in this together and we will all get through it together as well.

I hope that you all can also focus on the abundance of good that we have. 

Happy Saturday ya’ll!



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