A Grateful Heart and Some Good Ole’ Laughs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Is it just me or could every one live off corned beef? I am still so full from having it for dinner, and yet my mouth is watering thinking about it. I love Saint Patrick’s Day and I wasn’t going to not at least enjoy a good ole dinner for it. I even dressed for the occasion..changed out of my sweatpants ya’ll and into some leggings πŸ˜‰


I wanted to share a couple funny posts I have come across today & take a minute to talk about something that was quite a big deal here in New England today…ahem Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. aka The GOAT. Ya’ll you may not care about him or be a fan, but this guy was a part of my life for 20 years and I am feeling so grateful for that today. Yes, I’m sad to see him go, but I am so thankful for the memories! And yes, I know football is ultimately just a game but for a lot of us I think sports and those who play them create and become part of our life memories.

I got my first Tom Brady poster (and only) at a Walmart in 2001. I came home & took down all those crazy posters from Bop magazine, Tiger Beat and whatever other magazines that had Hanson pictures for days so that it could be the only picture hanging. I still have that thing rolled up and in storage, I took it down about 5 years after first putting it up in my attempt to have an “adult” room. He was the QB when I got to go to my first game ever. It poured rain and we played horrendously but I will never forget it!

For the first 12 years of his career, not one Sunday afternoon conversation with my Dad didn’t not include a Tom talk. My dad was living in Florida and I would always call him after church to talk… life, sports, Patriots, Tom. My dad and I were the best of friends, with the same amount of love for sports and it connected us. After my dad passed, we laid him to rest in his favorite outfit. Jeans and his favorite shirt…his Brady jersey.


My mom is just as big a fan. I will never forget our first trip to training camp. Barely anyone was there and it was about 100 degrees. Tom Brady stretched and chatted about 10 feet in front of us and I for the first time got to see my mom revert back to her like 16 year old David Cassidy loving teeny bopper self. She will deny this, but believe me, she couldn’t get out a coherent word for a good five minutes. It was amazing.

We naturally passed this love onto my nephews. I’ve enjoyed so much in recent years watching games with them and seeing their love for the Pats and Tom. They were so excited a few years back to go see “Tom” on his 40th birthday at training camp. Seeing their faces when their favorite took the field, was one of the best things I ever got to see. We even spent some Football Sundays making GOAT cookies. And eating all of them. Probably not too Tom Brady like haha.


It’s moments like these (and so much more) that make my heart so happy and so grateful that we got to be a part of the past 20 years of the Goat! It’s been one heck of a ride and we will love & cheer for Tom Brady wherever he goes. Thank You Tom!


Ok as promised..some funnies! Which includes my first ever TikTok post…we boomers tried! Enjoy. πŸ™‚

I highly recommend ya’ll follow the Instagram account, daily smiles from them! I have been posting stories daily as well and saving them all in a highlight called smile :)..if you need a little light please feel free to take a peak as well. Trying my best to make people smile these days!Β  You can find me @court.decker

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