A Monday Morning Hodgepodge

Good Morning Ya’ll!!


I am excited for this week, as the weather is supposed to be AHHHmazing and my company has us working from home. I am excited, because now I can use my extra time wisely…create more blog content, get more steps in with lunch walks and do some things around the house that I’ve been putting off. Also, I can get outside and run which will be great considering my gym is the work gym and the building is closed.

I will admit, this morning I took advantage of the extra time…to sleep! I did wake up and start some laundry, make some coffee and get to work. There are a few things I did want to share in this post: a hodgepodge of things really. I was able to find more ways to help Nashville, and some Monday Motivation. OH and most importantly…I just have to share this picture of my nephews. The two oldest won their basketball championship game and the babe is their number one fan.


More ways to help Nashville: 

Nashville Shirt by Tribe Kelley: 100% of the proceeds will go to Tornado relief as well as each purchase will be matched by the owners in donation. See it here

Hands on Nashville teamed up with Florida Georgia Line to create this Amazon list of items needed : Here is their Amazon page 

Also please visit HON’s website, this page has several ways to help both for Tennessee locals and those far away.


And now for some Monday Motivation, in the form of a quote and music video! Cause you guys, working from home all week means morning coffee dances 😉 Get in some good vibes and steps before starting the day.

To whoever needs to hear this: Keep going! 🙂 The long journey always creates the strength.


Enjoy your Monday!

Love you guys,




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