Happy March!

Hey All!

Happy March and Happy Sunday! I know I haven’t posted in sometime, I have literally had my Nashville recap ready for about a month and a half. Eek! I will get that up this week, promise!

I am looking forward to this month and what it has in store: especially moving to my new office space. Ya’ll I bought desk decor, I have never bought desk decor, this can only mean one thing, I’m excited. Oh and corned beef…I can not wait to have some corned beef in my life haha!

A little recap while I’ve been away…January and February was wonderful and I made a lot of little changes that are contributing to a healthy “best self” life style. I got back into running and now am at 4 days a week running 3-4 miles again. I couldn’t be happier with how that is going, it’s boosting my confidence and allowing me to run out the work day before hopping in the car to go home. 😉 Also, being in the gym so much has allowed me to meet new people which is always fun! I have also been lifting weights 3 or 4 days a week and dancing whenever possible. Yes, ya’ll dance has become a huge part of my winter months, waking up and putting on some music and dancing around the living room before getting ready for the day has become something I love! It’s a super fun way to get in those steps (esp on non-run days). Try the one hit wonders station on Pandora to get your dance on, I will say you’re welcome now, cause I know ya’ll will be thanking me later.

I think the biggest change I’ve made is adopting the Harley Pasternak way of eating. Since reading his book and beginning his program, I have never felt better! Not only is it helping with a healthy mindset, but my body is changing in a positive way, my skin feels healthier and I feel all around great!

Do things that help you grow your wings 🙂 

I wanted to share my favorite things that I discovered over the past two months that I am loving and making part of my daily life. Oh, and my adorable new desk additions. I will link where you can find them all below as well.

This book transformed my eating habits. I barely eat junk now, barely drink and am getting the proper amounts of nutrients, healthy fats, carbs, etc.

Get it here!

One of the smoothies from the book! Looks greenly intimidating, tastes amazing!
Clean Face care! 

With the nutrients from the foods I have been eating, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It has made my routine much more simple! I use Tula and The Ordinary now and that is it.

Desk Decor:

Found this awesome site called Artifact Uprising that you can have your Instagram photos turned into actual photos. Some of these will be going on my desk.


I was recently at Ikea and fell in love with their faux plants. I didn’t buy any while I was there, figuring I could find something just as cute for cheaper. And bam…thank you Target. The large plant was 4.99 and the smaller one was from my sister, I couldn’t find the exact ones online but linked Target’s collection here (all under 15 dollars).

Love you guys!



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