Italy Part 3 – The Amalfi Coast

Good Morning & Happy FriYay!

Today is going to be a fabulous Friday! Getting into 50 degree temps here in Boston and ya’ll I checked into my flight to Nashville this morning and got section A! Section A! If you know me you know I fly Southwest like all the dang time, and this I do believe is my first time getting A! This my friends is a win in my book, as I honestly thought A was like the unicorn of boarding sections for us non pre-boarding folk.

In honor of my first trip of 2020, I am flashing back on this beautiful Friday and finally bringing you part 3 of my Italy trip! And between you and me…this part of the trip was my ultimate favorite! I hope you enjoy!

After our first night in Rome, we headed to the Amalfi Coast. We went by train from Rome to Salerno. Then from Salerno we took a ferry to Amalfi and then a taxi to our hotel in Praiano. Yes, the Amalfi coast takes a bit of travel in several ways, but we knew this going into it, so it was all ok. Plus the ferry ride was beautiful!

Our hotel was in Praiano, which is a very short distance to Positano. I believe it was about a 15 min cab ride or a bus ride. It was the most perfect location!

Hotel: Hotel Torre Saracena

Views from our room:


Had to wake up for my first Amalfi Coast sunrise!

We didn’t get to the coast until late afternoon, so we just relaxed and freshened up then headed to the hotel next door for dinner! We ate beneath lemon trees, dreamiest locale ever!


Hotel/Restaurant: Hotel Coast Diva 

Day 2: Boat Day! (My favorite day!)

Ya’ll if I could live in a dream, it would have been this day! We booked a charter through AirBnb (I will share details below) with Crapolla Charter and it was awesome! We left from Positano at 9 am and were Capri bound. On the way we checked out several grottoes with the bluest water I have ever seen. We went for a swim, had prosecco and snacks,  and soaked in the amazing coast line. The boat was run by a brother and sister, they were so fun and full of great information. Once at Capri, we had lunch at a beach side restaurant and then went swimming! We had the option as well to go into town, but we decided to relax at the beach and restaurant.


Outfit Details (is this considered an outfit?!?) Hair by Boat wind and salt water. Sunnies borrowed from a friend (doesn’t know they traveled to Italy, whoops) and my bathing suit is an under 25 dollar Amazon find…can be found here


As we headed back to Positano, we saw dolphins and went swimming again. I got into a fight with a jelly fish (as you can imagine I lost) but heyyyy it’s a first and experience to say I got jelly-fished! I actually did not get into a fight with one, it must have been a ninja jelly fish because I did not even see it, my arm just started stinging and welting! I am laughing just thinking about this jelly-fish! Honestly I could have gotten eaten by a shark and it still would’ve been the best day!

Charter boat: Website, Airbnb (note: this is not the exact tour we went on, but I wanted to share the page, it includes reviews and a bit about the captain Pietro. His sister Elizabeta was also on board with us. Great hosts!

On our last full day, we hit Positano! We did a alot of shopping and looking in stores, had dinner, enjoyed the beach, checked out Frank’s (a tad overrated ya’ll!) and just tried to take in all Positano has to offer!

Restaurant we ate dinner : Buca di Bacco

Had to have Gelato: @ Collina Bakery 


Romper is from Vici!

Hope you enjoyed this lil’ Amalfi Coast recap! And stay tuned for a Nashville one coming up!

Have a great weekend all!



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