Festive Music Monday & Coffee Chat

Good Morning & Happy Christmas Eve Eve! šŸ™‚


This is an in office Monday morning coffee chat! I wasn’t thinking while leaving my house today that most people are off & schools are out so I got to the office bright and early. Well considering how I edit posts and the time it takes, I’ll probably be well into my work morning.

It’s funny how things work out, right? I had spent a very long time looking to make the big move to Chicago, which would mean big move job wise as well. When moving plans changed, I threw myself into work. Working hard and also putting myself out there for opportunities that came my way. I turned some down and didn’t get offered others, but I enjoyed meeting all these new people and expanding my network. I will admit in complete honesty that what I did not see coming is me being completely happy with my position I am in now. I have been promoted to senior level and I feel very lucky that my boss advocated for me and was able to offer a salary I literally could not turn down.

It has enabled me to start looking for a place of my very own (no craigslist roommates, yippeeee) and not have to worry about the monthly expenses. I also received an award & the company has brought back bonuses. What makes me most happy though, is the respect of my colleagues and starting to make a name for myself.Ā  As someone who has always wanted to be proud of her career, I could not be any happier the way things are going!

Ok there is your Monday morning work talk…

On Wednesday night, my friend got my nephews and I tickets to attend his holiday party at the TD Garden. If you are unfamiliar with Boston sports, the Garden is where the Bruins and Celtics play. My two oldest nephews are hockey fanatics and both play, so clearly they were very excited to go skating! It was my middle nephew Mason’s first time joining us on the home ice of the Bruins! It was so much fun and I am so grateful to get to do these types of activities with my nephews. I’ve been lucky to create these little traditions with them, although I’m not sure how much longer they’ll hold my hand while skating. May not be so cool in a couple years šŸ˜‰ Here are a few pictures from the event, we skated our bums off and then got soft pretzel & french fries wasted, enjoy! (Side note, I am 98% sure this is my first mascot photo ever #auntlife)


Serious faces for the penalty box.




And now…here is my pick for Monday Morning song of the day! I can not with this music video, makes me laugh!

Enjoy your Monday, all!


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