The World Series’ Stand Up To Cancer Night

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!

This is my coffee chat look for you all today haha….


I woke up this morning looking like I was already dressed up for Halloween, bahahaha. These eye patches were a must today.

Today is an important day to me, if you are a baseball fan, you know that every world series there is one game that is the “Stand Up To Cancer” game. To me, it is amazing that in a ballpark the size of some of these major league ballparks, there are so many touched by cancer. It’s a reminder that we are not alone and that there are so many people who want the same thing…a cure. Tuesday, I will be attending the Bruins game, where it is Hockey Fights Cancer night. Another wonderful show of support!!!

I have and will always stand up in my Dad’s honor! Love this guy so much and so thankful for the courage he displayed throughout his whole life, not just on the days he was sick. And forever thankful for passing his courage down to me. 🙂



Please visit if you are interested in learning more!

Also since my Red Sox aren’t in the Series, Go Nats 🙂



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