A Day Hike in Vermont

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to share photos from my Sunday hike. I actually have never been to Vermont, so I thought no time like the present to finally visit the Green Mountain State.

I decided on Mount Ascutney, mainly because it was a teeny bit under 2 hours away from my house and we (my good friend came with me) only had the day. If you know me, or have read previous blog posts, I am sure you know how much I love fall! These few weeks in the beginning/middle of October are the best for leaf peeping! So Vermont it was for a day full of soaking up the colors of fall, breathing in the crisp air and challenging myself.

You didn’t really think I wouldn’t coordinate my hiking outfit, did you?!?

The summit of Mount Ascutney has an elevation of about 3,411 feet. I felt as though this was a good Mountain to begin on since I haven’t hiked in years.  When getting to the summit, we realized there was actually no view (hahaha) but I explore down the west side of the mountain and ended up find a beautiful spot!


Eek, I could’ve sat up here for hours just looking the trees and landscapes. The view below was actually a little less than a mile down the mountain. I really loved this spot, with the rolling hills in the background!

The hike is a little short of 5 miles and takes a couple hours! It’s a good day hike for the fall, now that it is getting light later and darker earlier, you can finish this in a half day. Best part, when you start getting closer to the summit, all the pine trees make it smell like Christmas!! I felt like a little hiking elf!



If you are ever in these parts and want to check out this hike, the state parks site has some great information! You can visit it here.




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