A Little Friday Flashback

Happy FriYay ya’ll!

It is really starting to feel like fall here in the Boston area and I am stinkin’ loving it! I pulled all my sweaters out of the attic and of course purchased some new fall candles and coffee.

So, if any of you are Breaking Bad fans, I am sure that you know the movie came out on Netflix today! If you haven’t guessed what I am doing tonight…now you know ;).

I also want to take this time to throwback and reflect on the one year, I absolutely nailed a creating a goatee for my friend going as Walter White for Halloween.


I mean is that not the Goatee Of The Year (2013)!! Haha, I can’t help but crack up laughing when I see these photos. I swear, despite what it may look like, I did not melt a candy bar and rub it all over my good sport of a friend’s face.



Also, wanted to share a lil’ something with you all! I’m on day 12 of not having one sip of alcohol. I wanted to share because well really 12 is my favorite number and because I’m actually quite proud of the progress I have been making to get healthier mind & body!  Maybe one day I’ll go more in-depth on the topic, but for now today is for fall candles, cozy pajamas and thinking reminiscing about chocolate goatees.


Hahaha, I could not help myself with the above meme!

Enjoy your Friday!


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