Italy Part 2 – When in Rome…

Happy FriYay!!

I’m back to share part 2 of 3 of my Italy travel posts. I decided to stick to English with my title this time (if you didn’t notice), I wasn’t so sure on my google translate results when searching “Part Two in Italian”! Today, I am sharing my Rome experience which means I am saving the best for last. Ahem…Amalfi Coast 🙂

For our second Rome adventure of the week, we stayed in the Trastevere section of the city. It was by far my favorite thing about Rome. All around the Basilica of Our Lady/ Piazza di Santa Maria were tons of wonderful restaurants with ample outdoor seating! I had the best carbonara and pizza in this area.

Luckily, I ran out of Euros and had to pay with a card, so I was able to find the restaurants, if you are ever in the neighborhood you must visit. If you have to chose just one go with Nannarella,the waiters were all amazing and the pizza…Mama Mia!

But if pasta is more your style and you’re in the mood for a delicious carbonara, Ristorante Sabatini has you covered.

Now on to the views, this first set of pictures were from the Trastevere are. Much of the area seemed to be made up of these small cobblestone streets, surrounded by quaint buildings.

One of the bridges walking into the neighborhood
Basilica of Our Lady




Also, I have to share the adorable common room of the hotel (Trastevere Royal Suite) we stayed in, I give the accommodations we had here a 5!

May I steal those chairs, please. 😉

Ok now, on to the touristy things in Rome..which by the way are unreal! Between the Roman ruins and the absolute magnificence of the structures and architecture I was blown away. I’d say my favorite thing to see was The Coliseum, I can’t think of another word but amazing (and GRAND) for it. But everything was stunning, these pictures do not do them justice. Also, if you are wondering, we were able to walk to all these in one day. We didn’t have time to tour, but just getting to see these places made me happy.

The Coliseum
Castel Sant’Angelo
Yours truly at the Trevi Fountain.
The Pantheon



Roman Forum


The Vatican

Ciao for now! 



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