Italy, Prima Parte – Frascati

Last month, I took my first overseas trip with one of my best friends and was it a dream come true. We traveled from Rome to the Amalfi Coast then back to Rome. I was in awe of the history and structures in Rome, they were absolutely magnificent. The coast was my favorite part of the trip, I still can not get over the beauty of it!  Of course I want to share my photos!! I took so many that I needed to divide these posts up!

Full Disclosure : I know about 4 words in Italian, so I am just hoping (all fingers crossed) that the title prima parte is proper Italian for Part one/First Part. Please feel free to comment if I’m just speaking my own version of American-Italian. 🙂 

Day 1, we landed at 8:20 in the morning and took the train from the airport to Roma Termini. From Roma Termini, we walked to our Hotel. By the time we got there, with our bags and sweat (haha, it was 85-90 degrees in the city) our hotel attendant allowed us to check in right before 10:30 am. Which was wonderful because we needed some sleep. We had plans to explore, but boy did the travel hit us and a nap was much needed. We woke up, got ready and traveled to a town about 30 minutes outside of Rome, called Frascati.

We had booked a wine tour with The Old Frascati Wine Tour and it was amazing! Paolo met us at the train station, where we began our walking tour of Frascati.

The church in the center of town 
Views from part of Frascati

We visited a bakery and tried a wine with a cookie to dip in it! First time I’ve ever done that, it was good! We then were picked up and taken to the winery. Oh my gosh, if you are ever in Rome, look into this tour! The winery is amazing! Unreal views of Rome and beyond, underground caves and a fantastic wine tasting paired with snacks.






We were then taken to a restaurant in the center of town, where we were served a 3 course meal, plenty of wine and a Limoncello shot (another first)! Our tour group was a group from the US and Canada and we all had an absolute blast meeting each other! We order more wines and then all traveled back to Rome to of course find an Irish pub and enjoy the rest of the night! Below are some more pictures of the winery/wine tour!



You can book this wine tour through their website or on Airbnb! We were able to pay upon arrival. It is worth the 55 euros, as the tour included so much and lasted 5 hours!





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