Coffee Chat – Failure & Not Giving Up

Good Morning everyone! Let’s coffee cheers…cheers to a wonderful weekend for all of us and to you for excusing my roll out of bed look and Easter mug.

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Today’s Saturday morning coffee chat coming to you from my backyard on a absolutely beautiful day!

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In continuing with our Saturday Morning Coffee Chats, I wanted to talk about failures and why we should keep going. It’s something that has been on my mind as I continue to create the life I want. Perhaps I’ve been thinking about it because I had goals set for 2019 that I am behind on and it can totally get you down. I know I have mentioned before, that my goals were to get to move out of state, start a new job and or career, grow my blog, be a bit healthier to get to my goal weight which I was not far off from and of course be as self-confident and as present as ever.

Instead, I am still not moved, I am still in the same job, my blog is slowly growing and because of the walking boot and no exercise (and my love of unhealthy food) I’ve gained 6 pounds pushing me further from my goal and due to some un-forseen circumstances and all of the above, my mind has been all over the place.

Ya’ll I literally felt like all my hopes and dreams were like crumbling all before me at the same time. Not even months apart, just all at once.

Last month, I decided after being all woe is me for several weeks, that dang this is the only life I get, I need to live it and keep going. How can I achieve anything, when my attitude may be off. I will share a podcast below that really got me thinking.

I have never been a quitter or someone who gives up easily, and I want to encourage others to not be. We are all so special in unique ways that we all deserve to live our best lives. This also means making the best out the situations we are facing that may not have been in “our life plans” .

I will continue to have my hopes and my dreams, I will still apply to every job I want (even if I am not as qualified as I should be, aim high ya’ll). I have changed my eating habits and do an abs and arms workout while in this boot. I still am planning on moving. And I know that these “failures” are learning steps, they are trials, that will ultimately get me to place I want to be.

If you do not give up, how can you fail?!

I am so excited that in two weeks, I am attending a seminar on this topic, I can not wait to share it with you. For now, here are some motivational tid-bits that have been helpful to me, through this time.

one life
photo by: unknown

Mallory Ervin is a ray of sunshine, ya’ll! Everything she does is so real and wonderful. This episode of her podcast, literally brought tears to my eyes and really got me changing how I think…

Living Fully – Mallory Ervin

Happy Weekend to you & don’t forget to serve everything with a side of kindness ๐Ÿ™‚




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