Saturday Morning Coffee Chat


Good Morning everyone & Happy Saturday! I know that we are on day 3, but also Happy August! It’s the GOAT’s (Tom Brady) birthday and one month till mine! I will officially be in my mid-30s…ohhhh my!

I came across the below picture while scanning Pinterest this morning and boy do I think it is perfect!


What an amazing thought, right?! How can you not look forward to JOY, if you’ve been feeling down or overwhelmed or over-worked!

The past several weeks I have been working on my mindset, my relationship with God and my positivity. It’s so easy to get down instead of remaining positive and keeping the faith but I’m actually quite proud of myself the past few weeks while facing lots of life stuff all over the board…from job rejections (I like to think of them as re-directions), to relationships to foot pain (haha) to my team of 3 at work being a team of 1!

It feels good to have let go and not try to figure out everything or control the outcomes of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am still working hard and never giving up on things and I still sometimes have been like “whhhyyyyyyy” but I literally tell myself to not think that way and get a move on!

I hope that anyone reading this who may need a boost, that this month brings you clarity and positivity as well.

Below are some other phrases/quotes of encouragement that I hope touch your heart!



Have a happy weekend ya’ll!



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