Self Care Target Haul

We are half way to Friday ya’ll! And sometimes a mid week refresher is just what we all need aka Spa time. I have never really been apart of the “self care” movement (just because of a busy schedule) but I am starting to see the light!

We are all always on the go, working hard and/or taking care of children or others. We are forgetting how important we, ourselves are.

I believe that even at our busiest, we have to take some time for ourselves. I have begun doing this each morning, waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than I normally do to go outside and talk to God. I also do say some affirmations during this time and drink some coffee. It is such a great way to start the day! I also wanted to incorporate some physical self- care habits. Much like a spa- day but without the price!

I decided to go to Target and stock up on some products that were perfect for a self care hour. Maybe yours is a Sunday, a Monday, a Mid-week refresher or a Friday after a long week, a good 30 minutes or hour of self-care can be a game changer.

I wanted to share the products I bought at Target for 20 dollars, that will give me a few self care hours, from bath bombs to eye patches to face masks…they are all relaxing!

Dr. Teals Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs (Lavender Scented) 4.99 for 5
Perfect for Summer…moisturizes and smells like the beach 1.99
Hydrating eye patches..perfect for hot days, travel, beach days. 3.99
Moisturizing mask 2.49

I’m obsessed with this! Smells like Beach and summer and all the summer things! 6.99


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