Overnight Oats – with a side of kindness

So, I will admit I needed a break from eggs or smoothies for breakfast today! I also felt like I needed a little dose of chocolate…so I settled on some healthy chocolate chip banana overnight oats. My friends, they were so dang easy to make!


And big announcement…made a quick video recipe on YOUTUBE! So excited to show it to you. I am thinking of new ways to spice up the blog, so look forward to lots of new and exciting things!

Well without further ado….my first ever recipe video (woot woot)


Chocolate Chip Banana Overnight Oats

1 banana (half to smash/ other half saved to use later
1/2 Cup of almond milk
1/2 Cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt
A Dash of vanilla extract
Desired amount of Chia Seeds
Tablespoon of dark chocolate chips (a little extra to add in later)

Mix in all ingredients and store in the fridge overnight!

I was going to publish this blog post a lot earlier today, but I’m glad I didn’t. Because it wasn’t till I was leaving work when I had a someone display a moment of kindness. You guys all know how much I think being kind and caring is important so I love little random acts/moments of kindness.

I was walking to my car from work and I still have the boot on my foot for the minor injury I have. A man who was delivering for one of those online ordering apps (like Postmates or Grubhub) was walking in to get an order from the next door restaurant.

He passed in front of me on the side walk & opened the door to the restaurant and before completely entering he turned around and looked at me saying ” I hope you feel better.” Five little words from a stranger that made me smile and my walk back to my car in my newest summer accessory, the boot, a lot more enjoyable.

Happy Saturday!


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