I’m still here

Oh my gosh, everyone I apologize for the lack of posts this summer. I have been so terrible at getting on here and writing. I am actually pretty sure my last post said basically the same things about 2 months ago. However, I promise you this is different! 🙂 No lie, trust me!

I am still here…

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See it’s me! Still here and ready to be better than ever and whip this blog back into shape. You see, I’ve spent a lot of my summer, working out or thinking too much (if only there was an over-thinker anonymous, am I right), trying to control outcomes of a lot of what I’m living through. But I got to a point, where I really just want to live. No thinking about how to stay happy or busy or how to correctly think, just live! I had two of the best weekends in June, where I did just that and they were refreshing and revitalizing. It was nice to not think of every thing that I usually think of and just live in the moments of each day.

I spent some time in Chicago, enjoying every second of it. I spent time in Maine, surfing waves with my sweet nephews. I was surrounded by love and I was loving life. Those feelings are feelings you always wanna feel.

What feeling you may not want to feel is the one that puts you in a boot…. in 100 degree weather…in the midst of summer.

Haha, I’m having fun with it though and if you just put on a pretty shoe on the other foot, no one even notices the boot.  It  does however lead me to some things that I am working on for the blog. Since I can’t really workout, I want to change my diet a bit and share it with you! So look for some “What I eat in a day” and some healthy recipes. And of course, I will keep you updated on life events and traveling!

Right now I am on a three day reset cleanse to get back into some healthy eating and I stumbled upon this Instagram story from when I was binging Stranger Things, I also binged on their Ice Cream, don’t regret it at all. 🙂 ENJOY!


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