Monday Motivation…on a Tuesday!

Happy 2nd Day of April, ya’ll!!

I could not be more excited that the days are getting longer & warmer. I also couldn’t be any happier with how March went. I made a lot of mini goals and tried to lay out good healthier habits! I feel very good with how it went!

I woke up every day and made warm lemon water rather than grabbing for the k-cups and Keurig before my eyes were even open. I came up with a night routine of getting everything ready for the next day including lunches, clothes, gym bag etc. so it would eliminate rushing in the morning. This eliminated a ton of stress I felt, and made mornings much more peaceful!

Because I now have less to do in the morning, I am on day 8 of a guided meditation in the morning, perfect for my beginner meditation status! It is a phenomenal way to kick off the day!

I am thinking that a morning routine post may be in the works (perhaps a night time one as well)!

Adding these mindful, healthy habits have really made a change in my every day life and I am grateful for deciding to do this and recognizing a change needed to be made. Little changes go a very long way when it comes to your mental space and health!


Thank you for always following me on this journey, you all are the best!

xo, Coco

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