Monday Morning Motivation


Good Morning!

I chose this quote for motivation this week, because it made me think. Do I make decisions (or not make decisions) because I am afraid of change or rejection? Do I re-act to fear of the unknown? Do all my worries come from things I am afraid of happening?

I think these are questions that we all ask ourselves. The unknown, rejection and failure are all scary and I know that we try to avoid those three things are much as possible. However, what kind of life will that allow us to lead, if we are always afraid of the “what if”?

We are all in this wonderful thing called life together, let’s jump on in and live it. Make choices that reflect your hopes, even if they make you uncomfortable for a bit. When you take steps in the direction of hope, you’re taking steps in the right direction. Even if that path is unpaved, and covered in leaves or weeds, you have the power to make it beautiful, do not fear it.

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