Present Vs. Planning

Happy Wednesday!


I spend an awful lot of time worrying about and planning for the future. While I believe that it is healthy to set goals and to make plans. What I do not think is healthy is obsessing over it and missing out on the present moment because of it. I believe that I struggle with what is healthy planning and what is not needed. For example, I am planning on moving over the summer. I have a date I would like to move by and I have a savings plan to be able to afford my move. I’ve also gotten ideas of different areas I would like to move to. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well I didn’t just stop there, I would spend lots of my free time looking at each property adding up costs, looking at decor and furniture online, looking for new jobs in the area. All ending in me wanting to rush the process and thinking about the possibility of moving sooner with less money saved, etc. I found several jobs I was qualified for, however they will not be available in June when I’m ready to take it. The process ended up becoming stressful for me, and I began obsessing over every detail and growing impatient. It literally ends up hurting my mental health as I stress and become anxious.



What I’m learning is to yes make plans, keep goals and get to them, however do not obsess about things that are at the current moment out of your reach. I believe making mini goals is the way to finally achieve the ultimate goal. Plan things to keep your plan on track until you reach your destination.


I’ve decided that March will be the kick off a healthy habit-forming month. I have set mini goals that will help me get closer to personal bigger goals and keep my mind on track.

I have gotten a head start on a healthy March, with a grocery haul! I’ll be starting a morning routine, getting my greens and detoxing! Here’s your little sneak peak.

My next post will be a more in depth look at my mini March goals. Stay Tuned!

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