New Year, New Goals

I may be 10 days late but…

Happy New Year!!

I know I went off the grid for the last few months of 2018, I was so busy moving, and working. Perhaps no excuse, but I didn’t make time for much other than those two things & when I wasn’t doing either I was so dang tired I’d Netflix in bed. Whoopsies!

I will not let that happen again, mainly cause I feel like TV/Netflix is like a vortex to nowhere. As much as I love a good binge, it’s the truth. The amount of hours spent binge watching shows, imagine what we could be doing to better ourselves, our lives, the world.

I want 2019 to be the year of courage. Taking leaps, waving goodbye to fear and stress and negative thinking. Easier said than done, I know but we’ve all got this.

I want it to be the year of “I will do this today” no more waiting for tomorrow or saying tomorrow I’ll do this or I’ll do that. For three months, I said “Tomorrow, I’ll blog” and look almost three months to the day of my last post, I am finally writing again. I woke up this morning with two specific goals in mind, to blog and to read a couple chapters of a book. Today was the day to start, not tomorrow.

I want the courage & drive to make almost everything I can a today thing. Of course, I know I can’t up and move out of state (which is one of my 2019 goals) or get to my exact goal weight today (another goal) but I can take specific steps in the direction of both of those today and everyday.

I want to leave you with two quotes that I have proclaimed as my 2019 mantras. Two quotes that are great reminders to go after what you want but also to be joyous and happy in the moments that you may be experiencing a set back or negativity.

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