Fall Bucket list kickoff

Happy Weekend friends!!

In my last post I shared my fall bucket list. I immediately got to getting in the fall mode and half-crossing off my list (I’ll explain the half cross off).

A couple friends and myself got together to pre-maturely carve pumpkins. Yes those babies are already rotting but the night was more about conversation, laughs and some good wine & cheese.

The next morning I spent a couple hours hanging with my nephews & to kick off fall we painted some pumpkins & made some cookies! I love so much seeing their creative lil minds at work!

Kept the fall fun going with the nephews by going to a pumpkin patch!

Why only the half cross offs on the bucket list?! Well, because that pumpkin is a mini and we need to get to some real pumpkin carving soon! And the cookies could be a real cross off but I kind of would like to be able to create some from scratch cookies with my little men. So stay tuned for more & other fall bucket list cross offs!


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