Changes, healthy habits, and Monday motivation! – Part 1

Happy Monday, all!

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was going to go on self-development journey. I know that the self-development journey is a constant on-going thing, but I needed a jump start. I needed to start making healthy habits, some that I had never really thought were that big of a deal, but have become essential parts of my everyday life now. If you’re in need of a little Monday morning motivation I hope perhaps this post can provide it. I wanted to share some of the changes and habits I’ve picked up in order to live presently and the best life I can. I have divided these posts up and will also take time to dive into each of the changes I have made and habits I have created. Now I am no life coach or anything like that but I do hope some of these can be helpful to you as well! 🙂

Journal – I carry my journal around with me everywhere. I bring it to work in case I want to take it out to jot some things down in a moment, at home where I keep it next to my bed. I’m not journaling for hours a day, but I do listen to podcasts and books and if there are exercises to do or things I want to remember for my journey, I will pull that notebook out. What I mainly do, is write about what I am grateful for that day. I like to write three things a day, sometimes I have all three by the time I get into the office, sometimes I need to take the day and wait till before bed to reflect on the day. Sometimes it’s 5 things or 7 things and can vary from being thankful for the bobby bones show making me laugh in the am, to the commute not being as terrible, to spending time with my nephews or being thankful for a person or moment that day that made your day. There is always something to be thankful for-even on those not so great days.

Listening to Podcasts – There are so many great self-development, inspirational and motivating podcasts out there these days. I like to try to start each day with a podcast, whether it be about life, the law of attraction, or working hard. When I start to feel like my day is not going right, or I’m working hard for nothing, I’ll throw one on to help motivate me back into a healthy mindset. Choose a show you love and listen daily or weekly.

Read Books – Books are powerful! We’ve all heard this. Keep your mind working and become inspired or motivated by listening or reading books often. This month I listened to a Tribe Called Bliss,  The Alchemist, The Law of Attraction and am currently listening to The Warrior of Light. I have enjoyed listening to books of late, because it allows me to write and do the exercises while still listening. I still enjoy a good pyhiscal book however, for example I’ll be buying The Alchemist. I need that book in a physical copy to actually read the words and highlight all the inspiration within those pages.

Get Outside – To find yourself, get back to nature. That is my motto and I try to get outside as much as I can. I’ve been taking long trail walks, or runs. I’ve also just been walking or running around the neighborhood if I can’t get to the trails. I’ve been mindful of listening to the sounds of the woods while on the trail, or stopping to watch the little bunny hop around the park. This outside time, helps clear the mind when I truly just think about my surroundings.

Exercise – Much like getting outside, I feel like exercise has played a big part in getting my mindset right and having a clear mind. I hated working out, but when you go in to it knowing you will feel better and begin to look how you would like, exercising becomes something you want in your day to day life.


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