Changes, healthy habits, and Monday motivation! – Part 2

Back again for the second part of sharing the changes I’ve made since taking my self development journey seriously. If you missed the first part, here it is. 🙂


Be prepared – Being prepared encompasses a lot for me in my day. What does it mean to me? Get ready for the next day the night before. Saves you time in the morning and eliminates the whole running around like a chicken with my head cut off mode. I try to go to bed earlier than I used to, so I can wake up an extra 10/15 minutes earlier the next morning. I use the extra minutes in the morning to journal, envision life and what I want to accomplish and sip on coffee. Beginning the day like this is a good start. The extra time also allows me to make my bed! I heard on Lewis Howe’s podcast about making your bed every day and how it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment in the morning and how nice it is to come home to. THIS IS SO TRUE! Meal prep, planning my meals ahead of time gives me time to do other things rather than cooking every night or looking through the fridge for 30 minutes trying to see what I will put together that evening.

Put it away – Kind of going along with the making your bed in the morning motto, put your things away! I used to leave things out, cause “I needed them”, “I don’t have time to do that” Well that feeling of coming home to dishes in the sink or makeup items all over the bathroom vanity is not the feeling I wanted to come home to anymore. Instead I wanted the “there’s nothing to clean”, “it looks so good in here” feelings. Coming home at around 6:30pm with things to clean around the house after being gone since 7am just added to my stress level and did not put me in a good mood. So I have made a habit of putting everything in its place when I’m done.

Be ok with being uncomfortable –  I talked about becoming better financially, saving more and creating a budget to ultimately have financial freedom. I struggled with ways to do this because I did not want to add to my plate. I listened to many people speak about money and how to look at it in a positive light, even in times of trouble. People suggested writing out a fake check to carry around and envision having that money (did it)! I listened to Andy Frisella talk about becoming uncomfortable for a time to ultimately achieve your goals. Between changing how I look at finances, creating a plan and becoming a bit uncomfortable (picking up a second job) I am on my way to reaching financial goals. It was amazing when my outlook changed, how things began falling into place. I started selling things that had been sitting on poshmark forever, making some extra cash and then an old boutique I worked for, was hiring part-time! For the first time I felt like my positive vibes were getting put out there in the universe and it was responding! That feeling is a one of a kind feeling!

Let it go – I know, I know a lot more easier said than done but I have been working hard towards not letting things fester or linger too long in my mind. It leads to a heck of a lot of time to sit and think about negativity or something I didn’t like or how bad the day was. If something happens that upsets me, heck yes I get upset (I’m only human 😉 ) but I try real hard to not let it linger or to think about it too much. That mean co-worker, driver that cut you off, spilled coffee, bad traffic or alarm that didn’t go off doesn’t care that they bother me all day. So have your moment, let it go and move on. It feels so good to not let the negativity linger.


“Always take massive imperfect action towards your goals because the time
might never be “just right”.” 
― Derric Yuh Ndim


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