A Little Social Media Freedom

Happy Monday!

As part of starting to live more presently, I disconnected from Facebook and Instagram for a week and wow, was it a lot easier and more freeing than I thought it would be.  It was nice to not be glued to a phone.  I wrote & scheduled the blog posts in advance and turned off my notifications for the blog as well.

I know this is not something for everyone and many people use social media for their businesses or products, so I understand having to be on it. In that case, I think limiting social time to specific time periods and using scheduling apps could be helpful in a semi-disconnection. Below, I listed what helped me disconnect and to teach myself I can live without constant scrolling.


My tips for disconnecting:

1)      Say goodbye to notifications- turn them off for however long you want to disconnect or completely. Not seeing these pop up throughout the day eliminated any temptation for me. I am planning on keeping them off.

2)      Schedule your day-you’ll have things to do to keep you busy so you won’t have time to aimlessly sit on social media.

3)      Use that time you’d spend on social media on something else and good for you! Take a walk, soak up the sunset, read a book, journal, or go to bed at a decent hour. All these things will help you on your journey of living presently and disconnecting from social media.

4)      Delete the apps – I almost did this with Facebook, I have never had Facebook notifications on but that little number in the corner of the app kept growing and driving me a little crazy (like first world problems crazy, not literally crazy). I just threw the app on the last page on my iPhone and didn’t pay it any attention the rest of the week.

5)      When in Bed, put the phone down. Don’t look at it in the morning unless you need to time or to shut off that alarm (or hit snooze).  At night, set your alarm and put the phone aside. Maybe pull out that good book you’ve been thinking about reading for a year 😉


How I felt disconnecting:

The only thing I really knew I’d miss is Instagram photos. I love pictures, I love taking them and I love looking at them. I am going to let instagram work its way back but I now know I don’t have to check it every free second I have.

I felt like I had more time in the day, and when I was getting things done or involved in some sort of activity, whether it was cleaning or working out I was all in. I felt more focused.

I also felt free, I wasn’t concerned with what other people are doing or what they are wearing and I didn’t sit and compare myself to others. There was no, I wish I could get my pictures like this, I wish I looked like her, why can’t I have this life.

This let me fully focus on myself and the people I care about. I felt like I was successfully kicking off my live presently movement and am excited to keep it rolling.

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