Travel Daze: California Part 1

It’s May!

And… boy was April eventful! Although the New England weather was not fun, life sure was. I went to my first baseball home opener, threw a successful surprise party, vacationed in California and got bachelorette wild in Newport, RI.

First up, a Cali recap. I’ve gone a bunch of times to California to visit my best friend and adventure through SoCal. This time our first stop was Hermosa Beach.


I could not resist wearing my OH HEY VACAY shirt on my first day of vacation.


One of the best parts of our little overnight trip to Hermosa Beach was our hotel! I highly recommend Hotel Hermosa. I realized most of my pictures are of the hotel (sorry ya’ll), but jut look at this place…






If you find yourself in Hermosa Beach, check out some good eats and drinks: one is a super laid back, fun bar and the other is a yummy little restaurant with beach views…(I’ll let you guess which one is which ;))

American Junkie

 Good Stuff Restaurant

Next stop: LA


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